All manufacturers will agree that manufacturing is a very tedious process. Quality is a measure of excellence. We aim to develop our products to be free from defects, deficiencies and any significant variations. In rotogravure printing, we need to reproduce text and images on plastic in a large-scale basis. It is imperative that we ensure our every batch is identical. Although, our Quality Assurance Department has developed a strict and consistent adherence to measure and verify our product standard to achieve uniformity of output that satisfies our user requirements. This is not enough to ensure our quality. We have also developed a set of communication systems to compliment our Quality Assurance. Communication is a very important aspect to ensure our product quality. This is paramount because all clients are unique. We will have to tailor-made our product to each individual client's requirements. We have to continue improve our already stringent quality control through a continuous development of production cycle. In so doing, we will be able to transform ourselves to become a preferred suppliers to all the establish FMCG brands.